Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cutegram 2.7.1 Telegram Client App released. Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

Cutegram is a completely free and open source graphical software project that has been designed from the offset to act as a Linux client for the Telegram messaging service. It offers an attractive and modern graphical user interface implemented in Qt.

Source Cutegram Homepage.

Cutegram Changelog.

  • Fix the map bugs, rendered blurry
  • Add emojione to the emojis
  • Improve window border on the OSX
  • Fix mute/unmute problem
  • Fix link and tag highlighter problems
  • Many improve on the libqtelegram-ae and TelegramQML libraries
  • Many other improvements and Bugfixes
  • It’s the last release of the Cutegram 2.x. We’re working on the Cutegram 3.x series with many new features and improvements.

Key features include support for sending and receiving files, support for the system tray area of many open source desktop environments, native desktop notifications, customizable fonts, Twitter emojis, as well as support for all GNU/Linux operating systems.

To install Cutegram just run the following commands via your systems Terminal.

32 Bit OS.

wget http://aseman.co/downloads/cutegram/2/cutegram-2.7.1-linux-installer.run
sudo chmod +x cutegram-2.7.1-linux-installer.run

64 Bit OS

wget http://aseman.co/downloads/cutegram/2/cutegram-2.7.1-linux-x64-installer.run
sudo chmod +x cutegram-2.7.1-linux-x64-installer.run

That's all enjoy.

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