Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pale Moon 25.8.0 – Firefox Based Browser released, Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

Pale Moon Browser 25.8.0 is an open source web browser based on Firefox, focusing on efficiency and ease of use, by leaving out unnecessary features and making optimizations, while maintaining compatibility with Firefox extensions and themes. Pale Moon provides a familiar set of controls and visual feedback similar to previous versions of Firefox, including grouped navigation buttons, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default, and a functional status bar

Source Pale Moon Homepage.

Pale Moon Browser 25.8.0 changelog
  • Updated LibVPX to 1.4.x to be able to play more kinds of VP9-encoded videos.
  • Updated the JPEG decoder library to 1.4.0.
  • Fixed and cleaned up XPCOM timer thread code to avoid intermittent issues with events not firing (especially after stand-by).
  • Updated overrides to work around issues with Facebook and Netflix.
  • Fixed an issue where too-old system-supplied NSPR and/or NSS libraries would be accepted for use.
Security fixes:
  • Updated the libpng library to 1.5.24 to address critical security issues CVE-2015-7981 and CVE-2015-8126
  • Updated the NSPR library to 4.10.10 to address several security issues.
  • Updated the NSS library to 3.19.4 to address several security issues.
  • Fixed a memory safety hazard in SVG path code (CVE-2015-7199).
  • Fixed an issue with IP address parsing potentially allowing an attacker to bypass the Same Origin Policy (CVE-2015-7188).
  • Fixed an Add-on SDK (Jetpack) issue that would allow scripts to be executed despite being forbidden (CVE-2015-7187).
  • Fixed a crash due to a buffer underflow in libjar (CVE-2015-7194).
  • Fixed an issue for Android full screen that would potentially allow address spoofing (CVE-2015-7185).
  • Added size checks in canvas manipulations to avoid potential image encoding vulnerabilities like CVE-2015-7189. DiD
  • Fixed potential information disclosure vulnerabilities through the NTLM authentication mechanism. Insecure NTLM v1 is now disabled by default, and the workstation name is set to WORKSTATION by default (configurable with a preference for environments where identification of workstations is done by actual reported machine name). This avoids issues like CVE-2015-4515.
  • Fixed a potentially vulnerable crash from a spinning event loop during resize painting. DiD
  • Fixed several Javascript-based memory safety hazards.

To install Pale Moon just run the following commands via your systems Terminal.

For 32bit OS


tar -xjvf palemoon*.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2
sudo rm -rf /opt/palemoon*

sudo mv palemoon /opt/palemoon

sudo ln -sf /opt/palemoon/palemoon /usr/bin/palemoon

For 64bit OS


tar -xjvf palemoon*.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

sudo rm -rf /opt/palemoon*

sudo mv palemoon /opt/palemoon

sudo ln -sf /opt/palemoon/palemoon /usr/bin/palemoon

Import Firefox profile like bookmarks, history, extensions, etc

cp -R ~/.mozilla/firefox/* ~/.moonchild\ productions/pale\ moon/

That's it EnJoY!


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    3. I copied and pasted your commands into terminal. I assume Pale Moon was installed. Where did it go? It is not in menu nor is it listed in applications. I am using Lubuntu 14.04 64bit.

      I found it! I had to open Pale Moon using the run dialog. It showed up in my applications after making a palemoon.desktop file. I was able to add it to my Application Launch Bar. Well worth the effort, Pale Moon is the Firefox we all miss. It is lighter and faster. LOVE IT!!! and thank you so much for this blog. There is an installer/updater/uninstaller program for palemoon:
      This is NOT newbie friendly!

    4. Pale moon can be launched from the terminal.

    5. True, but a lot want point and click.