Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Numix Flatstudio has been updated, check it out on Ubuntu 15.04!

The Numix Flatstudio Theme has been updated today.

Bringing both a light and dark version.

gtk 3.16 version added

Numix Flatstudio home page: Numix Flatstudio @ Gnomelook

The Numix theme edited to make it look like flatstudio

all credits go to the makers of the Numix theme and the flatstudio theme.

You can download Numix Flatstudio directly from the Ubuntu Alive Dropbox below.

The icons used are call Vibrancy Colors and can be seen at Ubuntu Alive below.

The Wallpaper used is called Flat Series Scooter Wallpaper by Charlie henson and can be downloaded directly from DeviantArt below.

That's all please enjoy this wonderful theme.

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