Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ultra Flat Icons Version 1.3.2 Blue, Orange And Mint Green Folders Has Been Released.

Checkout the latest version from Ultra Flat Icons.

Blue, Orange, and now Mint Green folders have been added.
*KDE Ready*

Ultra Flat Icons can be downloaded directly from the Ubuntu Alive Dropbox below.
Ultra Flat Icons 1.3.2 Blue: Download Blue Version
Ultra Flat Icons 1.3.2 Orange: Download Orange Version
Ultra Flat Icons 1.3.3 Mint Green: Download Green Version

The GTK theme used is Azure and can be seen at Ubuntu Alive below.

The wallpaper used is called Jolly Fusion Lime Slushi by Charlie Henson and can be downloaded from DeviantArt below.

That's all please enjoy Ultra Flat Icons..

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