Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Linux Deepin 14.02 Review By Jeff Linux Turner

In this video we look at what Linux Deepin is Today. Some problems arise but mainly it's a much better experience than version 14.01 which I didn't decide to even make a video on. I discovered way too many issues. I decided to wait until they fixed things, I only discovered one issue while recording, which may be a huge problem. Check It Out! Don't Forget To Subscribe! Thanks!

I wish to thank all the other Linux YouTuber's who try and make the Linux O/S a popular topic. Especially people like Charlie Henson, TOS(Total OS Today), IG(Infinitely Galactic), RunLevelZero, DasGregor, UrAvgLinuxUser, Linux4unMe, Quidsup, OSfirstTimer, Matthew Moore, Spatry (Spatry's Cup Of Linux), Linux Help Guy(AKA PuppyWorldLinux), CountryfiedLinux. AJ Reissig.

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