Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Install RawTherapee 4.2 On Ubuntu MATE 14.10 And Other Ubuntu Releases.

RawTherapee is an advanced program for developing raw photos and for processing non-raw photos. It is non-destructive, makes use of OpenMP, supports all the cameras supported by dcraw and carries out its calculations in a high precision 32bit floating point engine. 

Source RawTherapee Homepage:

RawTherapee supports JPEG, PNG, and TIFF as output format for processed photos.

What’s new in RawTherapee 4.2:
  • RawTherapee-4.2 includes many speed, precision, stability and memory usage optimizations. As such, users of 32-bit operating systems may now find that they can enjoy more stability while using the most memory intensive tools. Of course users of 64-bit systems benefit from this as well. Refer to the full changelog for more information.
  • Powerful color toning tool.
  • Curve control of luminance noise reduction.
  • Median filter in the noise reduction tool.
  • Film simulation tool using Hald CLUT pattern files.
  • Command-line option to define bit depth of output TIFF/PNG file.
  • Multiple improvements to dead/hot pixel handling, see RawPedia.
  • Filename of currently opened image shown in the titlebar.
  • Clip control for the flat-field correction tool.
  • Demosaic method “Mono” for monochrome cameras, and “None” for no demosaicing.
  • Copy/paste processing profile keyboard shortcuts for right-handed users using Ctrl/Shift-Insert.
  • Update to dcraw 9.22 1.467
And Many More.

To install RawTherapee just run the following commands via your systems Terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rawtherapee


  1. Worked great. Had to remove packages from the distro though (rawtherapee & rawtherapee-data). Then I was in business with the 4.2 version.