Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Install dmMediaConverter 1.0 On Ubuntu 14.04

dmMediaConverter is a crossplatform FFmpeg frontend (GUI) exposing some of its features. It is intended to be simple and easy to use but also to be able to achieve complex tasks.


Main features:

  • stream copy (video, audio, subtitle)
  • stream conversion - almost any codec into: 
    • video - h264, h265, vp8, vp9
    • audio - aac, mp3, flac, pcm, vorbis, opus
    • subtitles - srt, ass, ssa, mov_text, dvdsub
  • add multiple streams into one mkv, mp4  or any other container known by ffmpeg that accepts multiple streams (with or without reencoding). Supports multiple video streams in the same file. Also you can reorder stream position.
  • stream profiles - create and apply audio and video profiles
  • merge files with the same properties - no reencoding. Ex. Files made by a phone or camera.
  • merge different kind of files (different codecs, resolution, etc) into one file. It chooses an output with the biggest width of all source files. 
  • split a file by given time points (no reencoding)
  • bulk convert files using stream profiles or manual settings (no filter options for manual)
  • job queue - you can add multiple tasks into a job queue
  • audio auto gain detect - it will parse the whole file and find the proper gain value (reencode)
  • picture settings - with changes immediately displayed (reencode)
    • scaling - change video resolution (use -1 for keep aspect ratio)
    • cropping and padding
    • auto crop - detect best crop values for encoder
    • rotate picture in 90 degrees increments
    • grayscale
    • deinterlace
    • deshake
  • video aspect correction - no reencoding
  • write stream tags like language and title, also container title and creation time -  no reencoding 

To Install Follow the Instructions below.

Install Gdebi: (this is only an option, the .Deb will open with Software Center but I like Gdebi because it will install dependencies).

sudo apt-get install gdebi

Go to the dmmediaconverter Download page via Google Drive: 

*** Choose your system .deb Package (X86 or X64) 

Once Downloaded the package will open with Gdebi and just install.

That's it :)

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