Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To Install Xournal 0.4.8 On Ubuntu 14.04

Xournal is an open-source application developed in GTK+, enabling the users to take notes, perform sketches and keep journals. Among others, it provides a pen, a highlighting feature, a text tool and a shape recognizer. Also, it has a special feature for performing annotations on PDF files (via the poppler library).

 Xournal 0.4.8, has been released, coming with a new feature for exporting to PDF, horizontal view mode, optional auto-save, enhanced icons for eraser and shapes buttons and bug-fixes.

To install Xournal 0.4.8 just run the following Commands via your systems Terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xournal

That's it.

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