Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To Install KphotoAlbum 4.5 On Ubuntu 14.04

 KPhotoAlbum 4.5, a new version of a photo management and tagging application for KDE. Read on to learn about all of these changes - there are quite a few, after all it has been a year and a half since KPhotoAlbum 4.4 was released.

Below you can see a list of other changes and bug fixes, which is far from complete.

.New Feature: Added an Android client, which can display images from a running KPhotoAlbum on the desktop
.New Feature: Tags can now be associated with an area of the image.
.Enhancement: Backspace now shows the previous image in the Viewer
.Enhancement: Implement file copy dialog in the Viewer.
.Enhancement: Added option to ignore specific EXIF comments. (Some digital cameras set a non-.configurable EXIF comment in each image. With this option you can specify which comments should be ignored.)
.Bugfix (#254641): The current image is now highlighted when selecting images using the keyboard.
Enhancement: On first start, the image folder defined in KDE settings is used.
.Bugfix: find thumbnail even for short videos (Thanks to Christoph Moseler for identifying the problem, and sending an initial patch)
.Enhancement: Implemented the Page-Up and Page-Down key presses to select the previous and next image in the annotation dialog
.Bugfix: Fix image import for kim files with external images.
.Bugfix: Fix crash when reading .kim files.
Enhancement: Updated HTML darkJS theme
.New Feature: Maintainance->sort all by date and time (With this command, you don't have to worry about stacks, locked images, or similar)
.Bugfix: Prevent thumbnail progress bar from showing indefinitely when no MPlayer is installed.
.Enhancement: Make thumbnail cache readable by all users. (This makes sharing a KPhotoAlbum database actually possible.)
.Enhancement: Implement caching for thumbnail files.
.Enhancement: Recalculate md5sum when image is changed by kipi-plugin.
.Bugfix: Mark database dirty when images are deleted.
.Enhancement: Run without video thumbnail/length support when mplayer is missing.
.Bugfix: Don't try creating thumbnails for images not on disk.
.Enhancement: Use cached QImage instead of invoking KIcon::pixmap on broken files
.Enhancement: Add --info to script/

Thank you to everyone involved.

To install just run the following Commands via your systems Terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dominik-stadler/dsta-trusty-ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kphotoalbum

That's it.


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