Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to install HDRmerge On Linux Mint 17 Ubuntu 14.04

hdrmerge is a scientific HDR merging tool: its goal is to create images that are accurate linear measurements of the radiance received by a camera capable of producing RAW output. It does not do any fancy noicy removal or other types of postprocessing and instead tries to be simple, understandable and hackable.

This program takes an exposure series of DNG/CR2/.. RAW files and merges it
  into a high dynamic-range EXR image. Given a printf-style format expression
  for the input file names, the program automatically figures out both the
  number of images and their exposure times. Any metadata (e.g. lens data)
  present in the input RAW files is also copied over into the output EXR file.
  The program automatically checks for common mistakes like duplicate exposures,
  leaving autofocus or auto-ISO turned on by accident, and it can do useful 
  operations like cropping, resampling, and removing vignetting. Used with 
  just a single image, it works a lot like a hypothetical 'dcraw' in floating
  point mode. OpenMP is used wherever possible to accelerate image processing.
  Note that this program makes the assumption that the input frames are well-
  aligned so that no alignment correction is necessary.
To install use the PPA below
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install hdrmerge
To run use the Terminal to start the GUI hdrmerge

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