Monday, May 26, 2014

China Is Not Going to Invest Into Windows 8

The largest buyer in the PC market claimed that it is not going to purchase Windows 8: the Chinese government admitted they will avoid buying computers running Windows 8. This is an apparent setback for Microsoft’s attempts to promote their most fresh OS.

China’s authorities are the largest buyer of PC software in the country. China, in the meantime, is the largest market of personal computers in the globe – even larger than the United States at the moment. It is clear that a decision there to avoid Windows 8 may have a long-term effect.

China’s government has made a statement that was published on its news site. It says that desktop, laptop and tablet personal computers purchased for government use will not run Windows 8 and must use a “different” OS. However, the authorities didn’t specify which one they are looking forward to, and why exactly they put a ban on Windows 8. Some media reports reveal that the Central Government Procurement Centre explained that the ban was part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products.

In the meantime, some suppliers of personal computers can still sell PCs that run the older Windows 7 operating system. This might satisfy China’s government under the new rules. The statement in question was posted a week ago. This suggests that the move wasn’t retaliation for the decision by the United States to charge 5 Chinese military officials with hacking into American companies and organizations to steal information. This story was revealed yesterday, and China has yet to comment on what it revenge would be. The only thing is clear: this move would not help it to change its mind about Widows 8 ban.

According to official statistics, China still has the largest user base of computers running Windows XP, which is 13-year-old and for which support has already been withdrawn a month ago. Recent research confirms that half of the computers there are still running Windows XP. The software giant is trying to force customers to switch to Windows 8, but a substantial number refused to do so because of the expense and inconvenience of the operating system. They might embrace Windows 7 if they have a chance, but there are almost no computers selling with this operating system on the market at the moment

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